OK, so this is what I hope is the resolution for myself and anyone else that has encountered broken screens and had for legitimate concerns regarding the  ease of breakage of their newly purchased Droid Razr Maxx screens .  Some people have recommended a class action lawsuit, which very few people know how to execute and even fewer are willing to provide the time and $freedom$ needed to do.  I don’t know where to start, beginning, or end with a class action lawsuit.  If anyone can do it great, I’ll provide whatever is necessary to make it a good as possible but before then, try this:

I originally sent in my phone and they returned it saying physical damage.  They said no way, we’re not going to fix it for free.  I contacted them again and had an interaction with their telephone service and then via email.  The agent said I made a post about broken Droid Razr Maxx screens and it has garnered many comments and visitors.  Here are the email interactions I had, edited down only to eliminate technical things, remove names, and correct some spelling:

Dear John,

We do stand behind our product. We strongly recommend to send the unit to our repair facility so we can look at the phone and do the necessary repair. We thank you for providing your feedback to us by taking the time to write this mail. We thank you for bringing it to our attention. It is through feedback like yours that we are able to identify and correct issues.

Thank you for contacting Motorola e-mail support.

Best Regards,


 Customer By Email (John) 03/30/2012 10:42 AM
I already sent the phone in and it wasn’t repaired because Motorola
determined that I was at fault, when in reality I wasn’t. Look at the
article i sent. There are more and more people coming out speaking of how
fragile the phones are. If I get enough people to post their stories I
will start a class action lawsuit. Your product is weak and you aren’t
taking responsibility for it.

On Fri, Mar 30, 2012 at 11:20 AM, Motorola Global Reply <
motorola-reply@mailwc.custhelp.com> wrote:

> **
>  Via Email (D)03/30/2012 10:20 AM

Dear John,

Thanks for reaching out to Motorola. I’ve reviewed your e-mail and I’m ready to help.

We are always gathering input from owners from chat, Web and other sources. I can’t say for sure if this is known or common, but it will certainly be passed on. We do apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you and want to assure you that Motorola does value your feedback  We open a record for all consumer contacts which are then routed to the proper department for any further research.

Please note that Motorola stands behind our products by offering a one-year standard warranty issued from the date of purchase and validated with the receipt. This warranty does not cover physical or liquid damage and is applicable to all the products that were manufactured for the US market.

All our facilities undergo rigorous quality assurance processes to ensure that all products comply with Motorola quality standards. We want to be able to determine the cause of this issue. The unit will have to undergo phone evaluation. Our repair technicians have the tools to determine whether the screen damage was caused by mishandling or due to phone’s hardware susceptibility to physical damage

If the evaluation results don’t show any sign of physical damage, Motorola will honor the warranty thus waiving the standard repair fee. In the event in which evaluation results confirm physical abuse resulting to cracked screen, the Manufacturer’s warranty will be automatically defaulted. Motorola’s National Service Center charges a $159 flat rate repair fee. This price does not include shipping or your local taxes. All repairs done on out of warranty units include an
additional 90 day warranty.

You may prefer to check with your carrier for insurance, replacement or exchange programs available with your plan or monthly fee. You may also send the unit directly to Motorola where our technicians will make any necessary repair to ensure a properly functioning unit. Our turnaround time at our National Service Center is 5-7 business days since we receive the unit at our facility.

If you want to send it in, we have 2 options for you; first is we can schedule your device for repair or you may do it yourself on our website. (please provide your full name, complete physical address, phone number, the the phone’s serial number: Go to Settings, About Phone, Status, get the any of the following, MEID, HEX, DEC, MSN, or IMEI. If you’re unable to access the phone, kindly remove the battery. Underneath the battery, you’ll be able to see the MEID, HEX, DEC, MSN, or IMEI. Please provide any of that.

If you do decide to send the unit in please visit the link below to enter your phone’s information before shipping it to us:



You will need to fill out an online service request form. Once registered, the site will generate an email repair instruction and our repair center address. Send only the phone with out any accessories. Please refer to that link for your online service request submission. Please provide the system version of the phone. Go to Settings, About Phone, System Version.

We hope that you find this information useful and we look forward to assisting you in the future.

For information about Motorola products and services, please visit us at http://www.motorola.com/

Thank you for contacting Motorola e-mail support.

Best Regards,


 Customer By Web Form (John)03/29/2012 09:38 PM

I sent my phone in because the screen on my new Razr Maxx mysteriously broke while in my pocket. My claim was denied from Motorola, but I still am unsure why the screen cracked. I’m not the only one either. I posted on my blog about it and every day others are coming forward with similar stories. I think the gorilla glass is defective. Here is the post:


I want to know what Motorola has to say about this as the amount of customers with similar problems increases.





Apr 2

to Motorola

I will turn it in, but what assurance do I have that you will fix it?  I sent it in once already.  Please give me the details about what to do next.




Then I made the post here and waited a while. I had a hunch there were more like me and when there wasn’t’ a decent page about it yet, I made one. After 50 comments that were very similar, I decided to move forward and try again. I sent it in and received notice again that they wouldn’t fix it. I called the next day and spoke with their support staff. I stayed calm the entire time and didn’t raise my voice once (Yelling at anyone probably won’t make things go better for you, no matter how right you may be). So anyway, I spoke to the support staff and they reiterated many times that they don’t fix phones for physical damage, I insisted that the phones had a problem and spoke about one comment in particular that a said the Gorilla Glass might be defective. I mentioned this post again, and they said basically they were sorry, but they couldn’t believe the post and comments credibility. Anyone could have whipped it up. Granted, I have all commentators IP addresses and emails, which if they are legitimate, could bring all of you into the argument. I would only give a lawyer the information in the event of a lawsuit, but rest assured it would only be used to to protect consumer (our) rights.

Right when I thought I would fail, they said they would fix it as a customer service and I got the physical damage spiel again. I put the brakes on %100 and just said OK to get through the process faster. I had won the battle, and hopefully, together, we can win the war. The phone came while I was away, and I got it yesterday. I’m going to fire it up within the next few days. I’m hesitant to use it because I am worried that it will happen again and I’ll be falling further into this racket. I’ll fire back if it does.

Please keep commenting and letting me know how you fair with this process, and if you are a lawyer willing to take the case up for people. Thanks.

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  1. I have a razr also and I went to take it off the charger and it has a crack in the screen from the camera lense to the sd slot. This id not physical damage.just because we heave some nicks around the edges means nothing.we get nicks from setting it down or switching cases. Now i’m afraid to take it out of the holster because I don’t want it to crack anymore and not work at all. This is a shame that we spend so much money on these phones and they are defective.

  2. Jayden Yoon says:

    Dear John,

    I am going to try to mimic what you did to get Motorola to fix your phone with no charge. I am going to email the Motorola tech and customer assistants tonight and see how they would respond to my email. I want to keep you updated in each and every email that is sent and received. I was wondering if there is a better way for me to contact you. My email address is hahhah1202@berkeley.com.

    Jayden Yoon

  3. Jayden Yoon says:

    Sorry John,

    I gave you the wrong email address.
    The correct email address is hahhah1202@berkeley.edu.

    I hope to hear from you soon.

    Jayden Yoon

  4. So i’m pretty thrifty and had Virgin Mobile for a few years. My phone got dropped beaten up you name it, no problem.

    My wife finally convinces me to switch to her account on Verizon so I get a Droid Razr Maxx and it lasted 13 DAYS! The inner screen is broken…phone works and everything but the screen is dark rendering is pretty much worthless. I am really regretting going with Verizon. Kicking myself, should have just got an iphone like everyone else.

  5. Sara Bales says:

    I had a Droid X for two years with no problems, despite dropping ita few times and only having a cheap silicon cover. My Razr Maxx screen cracked within two weeks of purchase. I never dropped it or mistreated it, and it was in a hard plastic case. The morning I discovered the cracks, I went to the Verizon store, where the associate accused me of trying to scam them, and told me it wasn’t a known issue. I immediately called customer support and had a three way call with a Motorola tech. He was so rude and condescending! He said the only way the glass could break is if I “threw it onto concrete”. I told him I didn’t do that and his response was that I must have! They also offered to let me send it in on my own dime, which I refused. It’s clear they will not admit there is a flaw with the Maxx screen. I do carry insurance, and I can afford to replace it. But, I refuse to give in yet and feel that if I can hold out a bit longer, enough people will come forward and hopefully make it a “known” issue.

  6. Kathleen Capuano says:

    I too just had this happen today. I never dropped the phone but there is a mysterious crack at the bottom. I didnt even see it, I went to the Verizon store to ask why it wouldn’t go from the black screen, the sales rep pointed it out and said not their problem! She said I must have dropped it! I did not drop this phone. I used it at work, put in my purse, drove home from work and went I went to use it, the screen was black! So frustrating to accused of wrongdoing when it’s not true.mso much for the strongest phone out there! I would like to see a better resolution to this as well.

  7. Michael Fox says:

    Well my Razr maxx lasted two months. I received a call ,finished conversation,put phone in back pocket , received another call and behold screen was black and cracked, no insurance.

  8. Crystal B says:

    I have droped my phone with very little damage. After 4 months I really don’t get how I can put in on the charger and it sits on my nice cushy bed and I come back to the gorrilla glass being broken. The screen still works and I can use the phone but there is a huge crack, like someone cut it with glass cutters. Any one have any idea how long it will work for now? I am sure my small scratches will void the stupid warrenty as physical damage but I don’t want to pay for the deductable until I have to and I hate the wait for the phone in the mail. If I can just get through this month I can break down and get it replaced if I have to. The phone is advertized to be a strong phone that should not be broken easily. I picked it for that reason. I killed 3 palms in a year and got tired of it. I do not have wanted to waste my tax return on false advertizing.

  9. Theejuana says:

    Hi John,

    I have a RAZR as well, this is my second RAZR in a month and a half. I had to pay for both phones.and I cannot pay anymore!!!! My screen is broken again and Verizon wants you to pay for another phone while Motorola wants you to pay for repairs or a new phone. I am not going to do that again, its time for Motorola and Verizon to pay!!!!!

    Per the commercial, you can drop it, roll over it with a car, put fire to it and it will remain the same because of the durable screen that they are promoting on the answering service now. All the agents tell you this is a good phone, well that’s not true!!!!! The battery doesn’t last long and the screen freezes to where you have to shutdown the phone to reset. The price you pay for thus phone you should not experience these problem!!!!!!

    Sign me up for the class action suit!!!! As you can see I am very upset because this just happened to me for the second time TODAY, Jul 9th!!!!!!!!

  10. Theejuana says:


  11. My screen cracked after owning the phone for three weeks. I didnt drop the phone or misuse it in any way! I just spent 55 minutes on the phone with Motorola customer support. They repeatedly used the term physical damage warranty and said many times how much it would cost to repair my razor max. They have no process to give a loaner phone, and don’t acknowledge any possibility that it could be defective. I will never buy another Motorola product If they do not stand behind their products and keep customers satisfied. Long live Apple!

  12. Derek Somers says:


    My wife recently cracked her inner screen (gorilla glass a-ok) and I went through the same as you and everyone else on your pages. After calling the tech support, I got the same run around as you, so I decided to see if anyone else was experiencing the same problem.

    lo and behold, here you are and here I am. I called again and sent in a online complaint and let them know there is a website about people complaining and having issues about the inner screen breaking. I also told them if I have to pay for repairs to the phone I’m going to contact Google as well (Google just bought Motorola). If Google doesn’t do anything about it, I told them I’m going to plaster theirs and Verizon’s forums about how shitty the inner glass is and its going to have a negative effect on sales.

    I’ll keep you updated about my progress and if I do take it to the forums, I hope everywhere here on all your posts will join me with not taking shit from corporations. Its us customers who make them rich and if we band together, we can bring them down.

  13. I owned the Droid Razr and had a case on it and never dropped it and one day it as sitting in my car cup holder and next thing I know my phone was cracked. Verizon refused to help me or replace the phone and told me that i would have to spend $500 to buy a new phone. So I purchased a Driod Razr Maxx off ebay again with a case and less than 2 months later I accidentally dropped it for probably the first time. The drop was probably 2ft max and not that hard and again the screen cracked. I have had many other phones but the Razrs by far are the weakest phones and are prone to glass breaking. Motorola should correct this issue for all customers.

  14. Kenneth says:

    I’m on board with this. Motorola advertises “Unbreakable” Gorilla Glass Screens that have given me more problems than my old AT&T flip phone.

    After I too fell victim to this false advertisement and bought a Droid Razr Maxx less than 2 months into ownership I’m troubled with cracks in the Glass. Now I face a 198$ fee to replace the screen myself! Ridiculous! Motorola and Verizon will lose many customers to this scandal.

  15. Like all of you, my screen mysteriously cracked? I use my phone as an alarm clock, had it plugged in next to my bed like I often do to charge it for the upcoming day. When I removed it from the charger I seen what looked like a smudge? After further attention, I noticed it was a crack. I sent it into Motorola and got all the same responses that everyone else has. I have friends with the same type of glass on different phones, i.e. Samsung Galaxy, and they claim their Gorilla glass is advertised, ours is not! I am unsure of what to do next?

  16. Seth Timmerman says:

    I bought a Razr maxx and 6 days later it fell about 3 feet onto the floor, flat. I noticed it was cracked, so I called the insurance and got my new replacement. Not 8 days later when showing it to my sister, she drops it 4 in. onto her hand which was on a couch. Are you kidding me? Nope, cracked. This phone is a piece of S***. And Motorola wants me to send it in and pay another $120, and be 5 or so days without a phone, to fix it. I can’t be an hour without my phone. All of my work gets done with it. I’m pissed.

  17. I cracked my Razr Maxx after two weeks. I have been with Verizon 10 years and owned both the Droid and Droid X for years with no screen issues. I have never cracked or damaged a cell phone in 10 years (sometimes I lose them). I find it hard to believe the most durable phone comes out with gorilla glass and after two weeks I manage to break it.

    Sign me up for the lawsuit..

  18. I have the same problem my droid razr screen cracked , went to verizon and they tried telling me that i dropped it and there was nothing they could do, but wanted me to buy another one. I think with the price you pay for the phone and if there are so many people that have the same problem they should replace it for free. I did not drop my phone i think i would know if i did.

  19. My screen cracked yesterday for no reason at all. I plan on bringing this to their attention. I haven’t had my phone for a month! I had a DROID x for 2 years which had been dropped ran over with bikes stepped on you name it it happened. Never a scratch and most certainly never cracked. Ultimately the screens must be too thin to with stand normal use. I will be going back to Verizon today. My options seem to be limited from hearing the stories. Sign me up for that lawsuit!

  20. Same sad story. I used my phone to make a text (working perfectly) I put the phone in my front pocket jeans and sat down into my car. When I pulled it out to make a text and it had cracks on the inner glass and remained black. Outer glass was fine.. The phone was even in a polyurethane case; never been dropped, not a single scratch, ding, or blemish. Motorola please take responsibility, you will be loosing a lot good customers otherwise…

  21. brenda hamas says:

    I bought this phone for my son because of the advertised durability but just two months into the phone use, and the screen cracked. My son did drop the phone, but it was an easy drop – all of our other phones have survived that kind of drop, but this one cracked the screen and it is no longer usable. At least the other droid phones will still work with a cracked screen. I called Motorola and they will not fix it. I would love to be part of a class action suit. The phone is not what they claim it to be.

  22. Cracked my screen 2 months ago. no insurance… Verizon told me to pay around $600 for a new phone. It fell of a tissue box onto my counter. A 5″ fall should not crack the “Gorilla Glass”

  23. Mine broke a few weeks ago for no reason, I took it to Verizon and they were useless to deal with. Called Motorola and got a “send it in and we’ll see” but no threats of punitive fees like with VZW, so I sent it into Motorola and they’re shipping it back, repaired, no charge.

  24. Now it’s my turn!! Ran to the store….left phone on counter by accident. Returned from store. Phone in same place I left it. Now 3/4 is a black screen — I can’t even see enought to use it!! Purchase date 7/14/12 — barely two weeks??

  25. Maria Frederick says:

    I’ve only had my Droid RAZR MAXX for a week – dropped it – slipped out of my hand as I was taking a picture from a very low height, and the inner screen cracked and is now black. I had the Droid X for a year and a half dropped it / dropped kicked it (trying to soften its fall) so many times I can’t count and it never broke.

    The RAZR MAXX was the replacement phone I received when I lost my Droid X and used my insurance. My husband was amazed at the “upgrade” I was given and now I know why. Its a pretty phone, but it is the most fragile phone my family has owned (there are five of us). I can replace it at the cost of another $100.00 but I will lose my insurance if I make another claim. I’m wondering if it is worth it!!!!

  26. Okay, I’m in the club. Never dropped. Charged in Moto charger/docs. Is this a common thread? The need to be practically pried out.)

    Picked it up one day and a tiny crack had developed near the bottom left corner of the outer glass. A few days later it had spread to the right edge of the phone. When the local Verizon rep suggested that I send the phone away for a week or two to see if it was my fault, and I politely asked if they could provide a loaner; or if he could imagine going two weeks without *his* phone he looked at me like I was from Mars and said with a shrug “Sorry bro, that’s how it works.”

    In retrospect he didn’t seem all that sorry, even tho he said he was.

    The phone maker who gets aftercare right will rule the market. Step up Moto. You made it. It’s a faulty design. Feakin’ fix em (bro).

  27. Michael Wadsworth says:

    I got a RAZR and after 3 days the screen broke. It wasn’t the glass but the inner screen. The phone has never been dropped. I too called and they said I needed to claim the insurance. I just bought this phone I am not paying to have it replaced. I don’t know what broke it. The phone was on the end table. I was listening to slacker radio. I when I picked the phone up again it had 2 cracks running through it. Maybe they get too hot and the screens can’t handle the heat.

  28. Kay McNamee says:

    I’m another long- term Verizon customer–starting with Palm way back (i was loyal to palm, a company I really liked–which is why i stayed with verizon, which I dread dealing with at all). I have used assurian, but a refurbished phone doesnt seem to last very long, & assurian’ s service is limited. After Palm, I went to droid, droid x, & droid razr. I absolutely need a reliable smartphone–i use it all day. It’s unreasonable to expct a heavy user never to drop theihs need to be strwouldong enough to handle average handling. Why create such a versatile & usefuamazing really–product without a sturdy build? Anyway, my droid x was stolen, & even tho i had the addess od the stolen phone, neither Verizon sn nor the police pursue it. I went to find it myself, but the people at the address said they didnt hv the phone. Very angry, I called veri on repeatedly till they suddenly found a program that made me eligible for a free new phone! Unbelievable. So I got the razr, felt i was finLly set for a while. In a few weeks i dropped it lightly but wasnt concerned–until I noticed the screen had shattered & tho it still works, it is hard to read. I was & am so disappointed
    Motorola should redesign the phone & give all the people who bought this phone a mew one
    Then they’d keep tjeir ne respectable & thei business would fly!

  29. Kay McNamee says:

    Please correct spell errors

    Cant read what im writing


  30. Mathew Larsen says:

    I am having the same issue…bought my RAZR MAXX on July 17, 2012…used the phone today without any issues….put the phone in my front pocket of my sweat shorts….pulled the phone out a couple minutes later and the screen was shattered….spent 2 hours on the phone with Verizon and Motorola who stated I must have dropped or abused the phone…This is my 5th Motorola Droid phone and the first one to ever give me any issues….I would also like to be involved in a class action suit

  31. Ron Morgan says:

    Cripes. I have a new Droid Razr. It slid off the edge of a table onto a tile floor. The Gorilla Glass is SPIDERWEBBED with fine little cracks. Will cost $125 to fix, unless there’s somebody around who can do it cheaply. I think the “Gorilla Glass” really is tough, but it’s tough against abrasion and scratches. The tradeoff is that being super-hard like that also means being super-brittle, which it obviously is. Crap. This just ruined my whole week.

  32. I have had the Razr since Nov. 10th. I have dropped the phone from waist high on concrete a couple of times. Neither time was there any damage to the phone. A couple of hours ago I took the phone out of my pocket and the screen has spider webbed from the bottom left corner. Contacted Verizon and was told of the $99 deductable. Wasn’t feeling at fault for this so I googled cracked screen on the Razr and then went to Motorola’s website. They said that I could send it to them but that if they determined it was due to neglect that they would return it to me unrepaired.
    Even though I have dropped the phone twice, I had dropped my Droid X many times on concrete with no breakage. It has been several months since I dropped this Razr. If the cracked screen were due to this I feel it would have shown up long ago. I will take responsibility for this however, I just feel that there must be some issue with the glass after seeing some of the other posts. If this glass won’t hold up any better than this, I will just go back to my Droid X.

  33. Bought the phone on March 10th. Bought the protective film, the protective case, everything. Phone looks brand new.
    The Gorilla Glass is all right, but there are three small cracks on the inside screen. The screen is black.
    Brought it to Fido, got the garbage about the physical damage. Nope, I don’t want to pay 99$ plus shipping and handling (in Canada the shipping is at the customer’s cost) for something that is NOT my fault. Nothing guarantees me that in a week the new phone will not crack the same way. AS I see, I am not the only one suffering from this evident fault.

  34. Jim farrell says:

    Wife and I upgraded to the Droid Razr Maxx jsut 30days ago from our HTC Thunderbolts, only because Verizon totally screwed up the latest software update and made the phone unusable. The Thunderbolts were extremely durable, but it appears I cant say the same about Motorola’s latest POS! My wife had workout clothes on and the material is pretty light. Her phone was in her pocket and she went through the doorway between the dining room on and the kitchen on her way to do some laundry and apparently bumped her phone on the door jamb. She did not think nothing of it as it was in her pocket and it was a wooden door jamb like in most every house. Well, she took the phone out of her pocket and laid it down. I picked it up to hand it to her to check a message that came in and saw the top of the screen around the earpiece shattered with a big crack almost straight down the middle. As I stated before out HTC Thundebolts carried around, toted, bumped, etc. and never once had any issue like this. And because most women dont wear outfits with belts they either have to carry their phones in their pockets or purse and of all the different smartphones we have owned we have never had a phone to be so poorly designed that it cant even take a bump in your pocket. If these Droid Razr Maxx screens are so delicate then Motorola needs to stop advertising how great this crappy Gorilla glass is. I think it is Corning that makes the Gorilla glass, and if so this is not saying much for Corning either. I would have rather put up with having to install a screen protector than to have a phone that cannot stand up to the rigors of normal daily use.

    We have not owned a Motorola product since the earlier flip-phone and if this is how poor Motorola’s design quality has become then this will be our last Motorola product

    Count us in on the class action suit as well if one comes to fruition.


  35. craig brunson says:

    add me to the list. this is my second phone within 3 months. the first one could have beeen my fault, had it in my back pocket and sat in my car. The replacement phone however after a month and a half i notice the phone was very hot while charging so i unplugged the charger went into the kitchen two minutes later my screen has a crack. the phone and screen are still working. fast foward next day after charging the phone another crack appears. im not going to waste another $100 on a replacement razr will go on ebay and by a used droid X. sign me up for the class action law suit

  36. Ray Zaleski says:

    I have had my RAZOR MAXXX Since June 28th – It was sitting inside my truck on Sunday (August 5th) while I worked on the vehicle. (Hot day – in the shade, windows open – except for when I washed it later in the day) and when I went to answer an incoming call – the screen was cracked. So I had a total of 38 days – seems to be about average from the postings that I have seen here. Spent several hours with Verizon, first at the Verizon Store (a company owned outlet, not a reseller) where I bought it, then another hour plus on the phone going from Tachnical Support rep to Tech support rep to Supervisor – Each time having to waste me time – and minutes (funny how that number is a regular old burn your minute plan 800 number instead of one of their Free numbers – like the one that they so generously don’t charge you to call when you pay your bill!)

    After all of that, I am supposedly going to get a call back from a higher level manager who will essentially tell me the same thing – Not our problem, it’s going to cost you. So far the options they have given me are to submit a claim with Assurion ($99.00 and get back a reconditioned phone), send it to them so that they can inspect it and tell me that it isn’t covered, ($300.00 and a reconditioned phone) or they will send it to Motorola who will deny the warranty coverage ($300.00 but I will get my own phone back – funny how they tack an extra $175.00 on to the Motorolla repaire fee of $125.00).

    If someone (Come on, there must be an attorney in this group) wants to initiate a class action lawsuit, I will bet that he or she will find thousands of others who just paid and accepted it. Seems to me that the liability spreads pretty wide (Google, Motorolla, Corning and Verizon) with false or misleading advertising as a lead item.

    Let’s see what the next level of management has to say, I have already started drafting a letter to the President of Verizon – as an aside, nobody in the Support Department could or would provide me with the name or corporate address of the President or CEO of Verizon, one went so far as to tell me that he could be fired if he gave me that information!

  37. Just got off the phone with Motorola after sending it in and escalating to the Customer Service department in Chicago (first person I spoke with who sounded as if English was her primary language)

    She offered a $25 discount on replacing the front glass with the exact same flimsy glass…

    There sure are a lot of people with this problem not getting proper resolution.

  38. I’ve only had the phone a few months and now the screen is dark. Look if I do something stupid, well that’s my fault and I need to own up to it, but in this case my screen is black and I can’t remember doing anything wrong or abusive.

    I get no display at all on the phone except random pixels.

    I haven’t talked to VZW or Motorola yet but I expect to get treated the same as others.

  39. I’ve had my Droid Razr Maxx for two months. Last night I was at work and had the phone in my hand and it slipped out and fell on the floor face down. Picked it up… Inside screen cracked and display went black. Had to pay the 99 dollar deductible to get a new one because if you don’t get another smartphone you will lose your unlimited data and email plan. I had a droid x before this one and it had been dropped a few times both on cement and on the carpeet and never had a problem with it. I’ll tell you what… Asurion (the insurance company for Verizon) is definitely making out on this or in cahoots with verizon because you are required to send in the phone that “YOU” paid for to them or you will get charged $300!!! Oh and dont forget that if you do have insurance you are basically paying for the phone again because of the price of the insurance. WTF!!! To me this whole situation is a big “SCAM”!
    After my contract is up I am downgrading back to the phone’s of the old days that you could drop on the ground or even drop in the water and save it as long as you let it dry before trying to use it again.

  40. I have used both of my insurance claim opportunitys dealing with the screens cracking.I have had the razr since febuary of this year and even the replacement phone they sent me had a crack on it out the box.Wich means now i dont have any more insurance claims to use incase this phone cracks ( wich it eventually. will)…and when i bought the phone verizon told me this was the toughest screen on the market when jn actuallity this has been they most fragile phone i have ever dealt with We need a lawsuit!!! It makes no sense why i should have to pay for a cheap piece of glass that’s faulty

  41. I have used both of my insurance claim opportunitys dealing with the screens cracking.I have had the razr since febuary of this year and even the replacement phone they sent me had a crack on it out the box.Wich means now i dont have any more insurance claims to use incase this phone cracks ( wich it eventually. will)…and when i bought the phone verizon told me this was the toughest screen on the market when jn actuallity this has been they most fragile phone i have ever dealt with We need a lawsuit!!! It makes no sense why i should have to pay for a cheap piece of glass that’s faulty

  42. Just got home from Verizon store where I was looking at phones as I am due for an upgrade. As soon as I picked up the Razr Maxx the salesman said “You don’t want to get that. There’s a big problem with the screens cracking on those.” So Verizon is at least admitting there’s a problem.

  43. Kathleen Millerd says:

    I purchased my droid razr maxx in March. I unplugged it this morning and it cracked across the bottom from the search icon to the sd slot. I have never droppef my phone so no need to crack. I refuse to pay $99. For a screen replacement that should be under manufacture warranty. I went online to see if anyone else had experienced this problem of cracking for no apparent reason and i find all this. Help!!! We need a solution.

  44. sandra ortiz says:

    I purchased my droid razr in March. My phone overheats and has a broken screen, black dots across the screen. I have never dropped my phone I believe all of this is due to the overheating.

  45. I had my Droid razor for about two months and I too have a cracked screen.and.no.one.is.willing.to.help me either. I think this phones a piece of crap!!! Its very irritating.that verizon nor Motorola is willing to help!!!! I’m a single mother and for sure can’t afford to buy yet another.phone.threw verizon!! Oh and.on top.of.it Motorola will void any warranty you have and verizon will drop you from being able to maintain or even have insurance that’s my story with this.joke.of.a phone. As you can see I’m attempting to use it. So.much.for.durablitiy

  46. jamie florence says:

    Sign me up for the lawsuit if it.happens!!!! False advertising!!!!!!!!!

  47. andrew R. says:

    my razr’s inner screen brokein my pocket while i was getting out of my car and it bumped the steering wheel!

  48. Sign me up for a class action suit. Had phone less than 2 months and have a cracked outer glass.
    I have had multiple otger droid phones with no issue of glass breakage
    Until this latest one.

  49. Had phone less than 2 months and have a cracked outer glass.
    I have had multiple other droid phones with no issue of glass breakage
    Until this latest one.

  50. this is crazy reading all these posts..i too am upset with the broken screen i have had the razor max since it came out love the phone i have the screen protector and bought the armor holster and case for the phone my phone should be bullet proof right …lmao nope i was pulling change out of my pocket and the phone came off the pocket and hit the side of my night stand never hit the floor and boom screen is shattered i cant even use the phone.this is crap. the phone was in the holster and the case lol hit the night stand and shattered the screen .. my droid x fell from a 14ft ladder in same kinda case with the same screen protector and not even a scratch….MOTOROLA YOU NEED TO HEAR THE PEOPLE…if it wasn’t for we the people buying your products you would not be in business. WE THE PEOPLE ARE SPEAKING CAN YOU HEAR US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. Christina says:

    I’ve had my phone for a few months and absolutely loved it!!! I can’t express how upset I am that I answered a phone call and had my phone screen shatter while I was talking on it! It felt warm when I answered it and during my conversation I heard a loud popping sound and looked at my phone and discovered the screen had cracked- everywhere! Haven’t called Verizon or Motorola yet…I’m still trying to calm down. There were glass slivers left on the side of my face!

  52. omg, this is crazy that this many people all have had the same issue with the same phone. I started feeling like i was reading my same story over and over. I too was sold on this phone for its strenth and battery life. Last night my screen cracked and all that happen was it fell from my pocket inside the car, while inside my car. It never hit the hard ground or fell more than a foot. It just fell to the side of my seat. I pick it up and go to make a call and was taken back in shock that my screen is cracked. Im saying to myself “how is this possible”. This wasnt even a real drop plus the phone was sold to me with the impression its tuff, durable, and will withstand more than any other phone out there. Thank was a huge lie. I have had many msny phones in the last 15yrs and have dropped alot of them over the years “some have had really hard rough falls” yet i have only cracked one screen and as i think back more, that happen cause i threw the phone. How is it that after all the phones i have had and dropped and given a beating that the one phone that was to be of amazing strenth, the screen cracks like nothing. Im so so anoyyed and will NEVER purchase a Motorola product again. They are not honest, make crappy products ” & thats why they dont back them up”… Im thinking about now going and starting a blog and also reach out to as many people i can through facebook etc and get more people to open up about their issues with Motorola and this phone i now have to use with a broken screen. I feel scammed….

  53. Mannie Carpenter says:

    Add my name to the list. Same story as the others. Had a Droid X2 with never a hint of a problem, but my RAZR MAXX cracked without ever being dropped or abused after 3 months. Got the same “physical damage” response from Motorola. Crack started from the notch cut out for the Motorola logo at the top of the screen and spread from there. I didn’t get insurance when I bought the phone because of all the advertised claims about durability of the Gorilla Glass, Kevlar case, etc.

  54. Sylvia Arballo says:

    I have had my phone for 60 days,and my glass is shattered like a spider web.i have owned many phones in the past,since I was 16 i have owned a cell phone and this has never happened to me and im 33 now.are they making cheaper phones,or just false advertisement.count m in if there s a class action,or if you need help let me know or email me.

  55. Ryan Breen says:

    My screen cracked today WHILE I WAS TYPING ON THE PHONE! The tactile feedback, or whatever the name for vibrations when you touch the screen, sent fractures up and around the same points as mentioned above – from the search to the SD slot. I believe there is a structural weakness at the point of the SD slot that allows the bottom portion (diagonal from SD alond down toward search button) to flex backward. By looking at my screen it is apparent that the cracks came from internal pressure (think if you throw a ball out a closed window versus in from outside, fractures are different) it is my belief after surveying my phone that the void in the frame for the sd slot allows for minor flexing (without being able to draw a diagram it is a bit hardered to explain) but the “folding and flexing” will run from the points of weakness (top and bottom of SD slot) and create an axis which will cause the stress to focus along said axis, i do not know if there are problems with the glass as well but i believe the frame itself to be structurally flawed allowing for everyday usage to create extreme (or at least too extreme for the screen) stress. I have never had a screen brak on me before and i was shocked to see it happen before my eyes.

    I may or may not call Motorola, but I did immediately call Verizon, who were of no help. I told them they were going to lose me as a customer. They did not care. I am going to switch providers on Friday, get the Samsung Galexy 3 for a little more than the cost of fixing the Razr, and when Verizon sends me a bill for early termination, i will return to sender. My credit score can take that ding, and it is worth it just to feel like i took a little power back…and ill get a better phone

  56. very unhappy with phone had it only for 3 months and glass mysteriously cracked im ready to sue for defective gorilla glass

  57. Add me to the list of law suit.Similar story like many others. I had my RAZR MAXX for close to six weeks. Yesterday my phone slipped from the edge of the sofa on the carpet. I have very nice rug on the carpet gives very cushioning effect.

    Any guesses what happened ……. You got it. Cracks on more than half the screen. Phone is still working so I guess it is gorilla glass having cracks

  58. Elizabeth Bugliarello says:

    Yesterday I purchased a droid razr for my upgrade. Today the screen was black and the glass has several cracks. I did NOT drop the phone at all. I put it in my purse and the screen was fine (the phone had a hard case on it made for the phone and it was also in a soft inner pocket of my purse). I took the phone out to check for e-mails and this is when I discovered it was broken. Tomorrow, I will bring it back to the Verizon store but I don’t even want to replace it after this happened as from the sound of these complaints here….there is no point in paying more for this defective product.

  59. Ive had my razr maxx for not even 2 billing cycles. They guy at verizon told me this was the toughest phone on the market… I got out of my car this evening and look at my phone and the screen cracked under the gorilla glass! What the heck? I have not had a chance to speak with the peopele at verizon, but i have a feeling im going to get the same responce as everyone else. Law suit… SIGN ME UP!

  60. Count me in for the class action suit, too. I had my RAZR for 2 weeks…on the 15th day I dropped it and that great gorilla glass shattered. Of course my old droid was dropped many times, and never got more than a nick or ding. I really regret upgrading my phone and contract. Although both Verizon and Motorola have been courteous the only solutions they suggest cost me money. I bought the phone from Wirefly. I did not buy their insurance. Don’t know if Wirefly insurance would have had a deductible or not. I called Wirefly anyway but they referred me to Motorola and my carrier, Verizon. Neither wanted to take responsibility for a phone that does not live up to their advertising. I am so disgusted!

  61. Put my Droid Razr in my pocket. Got on a ride at Hershey Park. Took it out to take a picture of the ride. SHATTERED.

  62. Same thing here, I have had my razr since May. Left it on the counter while working outside. Came in to check messages and the screen was completly black. There are 3 hairline fractures below the gorilla glass. I spoke with Motorola, they did mention they would check it for possible over heating, etc. Mailing it out today so we shall see. They need to make things right!

  63. I to had a razor for a month and a half. I was at a summer basketball game for my daughter. Went to pull out my phone from my pocket and it inter nal screen was cracked in about 10 places. Took it back and they said my fault. Now I got a 6 week old piece of junk.

  64. I’m going on my 3rd razr maxx because of the glass issue. I bought this phone for its durability! Worst phone ever!

  65. I too had the phone in pocket and inner screen cracked. please include me on any class action lawsuit, since noone wants to take responsibility for their product!

  66. Had my Maxx for 2 weeks. was using the GPS for a long drive across country. The screen got very hot. After ten hours on the road I looked to see when my turn was coming up and noticed my screen was cracked. It never even left the cushioned cup holder on this trip!
    Count me in on any class action suit. This is a 500 dollar issue that Motorola is not helping with :(

  67. Spider Web cracks out of nowhere…2nd Razr phone in 3 months…1st one
    Got so hot it just died and never would power on, reset ,charge ,or anything….piece of crap…sign me up

  68. Same story here….4mo old razr cracked while on vaca on Jersey Shore from SD port to Motorola logo while charging. Owned at least 10 phones that have deserved to crack here and there….. but not this one that I baby. It was on a bed charging….crazy.
    Haven’t made “the” phone call yet…..not expecting much.

  69. Dang, I was planning on upgrading to a Razr, the razr M, but damn, not anymore. Sucks to read about the screens and especially about the poor customer service at Motorola and Verizon. I wanted to get a Motorola because I remember them having good phones back in the day. No idea what phone to get now. :(

  70. My RAZR screen cracked yesterday. It was sitting on my night stand and the next thing I knew, the LCD underneath the gorilla glass was cracked. Please let me know if you find any way to have motorola repair it.

  71. In our company ,,We all had Doid X phones…no problems for year or more…now Droid Razr. screens have broke on all company phones within 2 months…This is a total waste of money..been with Verizon 15 years..no help…I understand these are Motorola..But no support from either side…awful..

  72. What the heck, seems like a lot of complaints about the Razr Maxx, when will Verizon take responsibility for their product? It is crap. Same issues as everyone, was using my phone, set it on the counter, went to go answer a call….and the screen is cracked…the Gorilla screen…WTH???? I have 4 phones, all different ones on my lines. But my newest Razr Mazz is te crapest! My contact with Verizon customer service was oh well…you are SCREWED!….We got your money…and if you cancel your contract we will make more money! What kind of business is that? Seems like there should be something that we can do to hold them accountable for selling such a defective product. Yes I went back to my old droid incredible phone

  73. My phone broke when i had it in my pocket this is crazy sigh me up for the lawsuit

  74. Chuck Calhoun says:

    I dropped my RAZR today and it shattered it was barely a drop. Not sure what to do.

  75. Christa Blaser says:

    I have the Maxx also, love the phone. Dropped it in grass….cracked. Assumed i must have hit a rock to create a crack across the entire screen. Today i dropped on the carpet….shattered! Yes i did drop it, but never expected that kind of damage. Cant imagine what it would do if i dropped it on a hard surface!

  76. I had a droid x for two years without breaking it dropping it off of a six foot ladder multiple times on concrete. I tossed the razr onto a cushioned chair two weeks after getting it and shattered the gorilla glass into a million pieces in a otter box defender case.

  77. Robert Kennedy says:

    I left my phone on the back desk at work and went back 10 minutes later and the screen was cracked. I was assuming someone had dropped it and put it back but after reading all this i am not so sure.

  78. Megan Costello says:

    Dropped mine tonight approximately 2 feet (feel out of my pocket) and the screen shattered as well. Sign me up too!

  79. Nick Istheman says:

    FYI… My screen randomly cracked (AKA I dropped it from the top of a second story staircase) so I called motorola (not my service provider, verizon) and told them that the screen was broken. They asked me if I damaged it and I said “no, it just broke randomly”. They started an RMA and asked me to send in my phone, and 6 business days later it was fixed and mailed back to me repaired under warranty. Just don’t tell them you dropped it and you’re fine.

  80. Alexandrina says:

    OK, Motorola does repair/replace in Canada – after a lot of wrangling, escalation to the topmost level – but they do provide a Purolator number for delivery at their cost. My son’s phone was replaced in August. It shattered again in the first days of October. I was refused a refund and offered a second replacement. NO WAY! I filed a complaint with Fido (my provider)and was offered a pitiful replacement option as well. NO WAY. I filed a complain with CCTS which stands for Commissioner for Complaints for Telecommunications Services. Will take it from there. I am planning to go to the small claims court and file a request for the refund and punitive damages. I need to know if someone has done it and succeeded / failed. United we stand, right?!

  81. Jim Sykora says:

    I had nearly the same experience with my Droid Razr Maxx – cracked screen for no apparent reason. I also carry the Asurion Total Equipment Coverage which I would gladly use if indeed I had damaged the phone. Somehow it doesn’t seem right to spend more money to replace a defective product and be sent the same model phone which will likely have the same problem again. I use my car insurance when I smack up my car – not when it is defective. Motorolas’ own website says “Seriously thin, DROID RAZR MAXX is the exact opposite of frail.” This is absolutely not the case. These phones need to be recalled and all of us stuck with defective products should get free replacements. I know Verizon / Motorola are probably hesitant to do this because how can they verify which phones actually were abused and which were defective. Not sure how they will deal with that, but this phone certainly does not perform as advertised. Maybe a good compromise would be to offer anyone complaining of this issue a early upgrade elegibiliy option on their contracts. This would give Verizon an opportunity to still make some money, keep customers happy and give us the option to get out from under a defective phone without having to pay $500-$600 outright for a new model phone.

  82. Just got my Droid RZR Maxx a week ago..yeah I did have it in my purse when this this happened but Wow….my screen shattered…No insurance and Im going thru hell trying to get another phone by private sellers they all want 150 or more for very used worn out phones…..My fault for not getting insurance but I had no clue the phone screen was sooo sensitive!. HELP someone. CS told me to take to a corporate store and see if they can fix. :(

  83. brian turner says:

    I have a regular droid razr. It was in my pocket by itself with no keys, change, etc in there with it and an pulled it out to use it and the screen was cracked. I am fed up with it and activated my old ravine. At least it wont break in my pocket.

  84. i got a mysterious crack in mine about months after having it. i left it in the bathroom while i showered and when i got out of the shower it had a crack in it the only thing i could think of is the hot steam somehow getting into the phone or something i was unshure but this should not happen.

  85. I had my Razr Maxx for a month and one day I left it safely in my car while I played basketball. When I came back there were two long cracks stretching from top to bottom. Didnt touch it didnt drop it it just cracked while it was literally laying face up in the back seat. I havent replaced it because it still works fine and the front camera wasnt affected. I refused to pay for a crack I wasnt responsible for. Ive had the cracks for two months now and its driving me nuts now its unfortunate how unhelpful both Verizon and Motorola have been about this.

  86. Sheana Goff says:

    Same thing….I’ve been sick in bed this week. I had the phone on sitting on the nightstand charging. Took it off and it had a black screen. Wont work but will make a little noise. It sounds like the speakers are blown. I took it under the bright lights of the bathroom and I see cracks underneath the gorilla glass! I have a screen protecter and an outer case/protector. So, now I have to make the dreaded phone call. :( I’ve been w/ Verizon for over 4 years now and they have put me through HELL. We pay our bill every single month on time. When our contract was up earlier this year, I HOPED that they’d improved and they of course swore that they had, so I got this razr maxx. I wish I could go back… I would switch providers and would NOT get this phone. To add insult to injury, my spouses razr maxx wouldnt charge for a few weeks. To get any charge off of any charger, he had to stand there with it. I called it in earlier this week, they sent him a new phone and now his old, broken, razr maxx is sitting in the mailbox waitint to be picked up. I should have gotten the iPhone.

  87. Hi everyone.
    It seems the droid RAZR is plagued with problems, regardless of it’s incarnation.
    I have had this issue happen twice so far. Both times the phones were just sitting on a table.
    I’m in Canada, and unfortunately, tied to Rogers mobility, and they said there’s no way that a screen can break by just sitting on a table, and that it was my fault.
    Now I did a ton of research on the phones after the first phone broke, and found that the type of battery used can heat up and expand, and that this can cause the screen to break as pressure builds inside the casing.
    My wife called Rogers and informed them about this, and again, they blamed us.
    The second RAZR, a refurbished one, was sent directly to Motorola for repair, and I had to pay $200 for this.

  88. Count me in on a class action lawsuit. Got my new Razr Maxx In July and I got the black screen of death last month. I’ve had Verizon’s refurbished replacement for 3 weeks now. Today, I climbed out of my truck and with my phone in hand bent down to pull my pant leg out of my shoe, the phone slipped out of my hand and dropped to the pavement, it fell only a few inches, definitely less than a foot! It didn’t tumble, slide or land at an angle, it just quietly landed face down. I picked it up and was mortified to find a “completely” shattered screen. I ran my hand over the space where it landed and there were no pebbles or anything protruding from the pavement. The phone has an Otterbox case on it too which has a very good raised protection lip around the glass, I’m just dumbfounded! No way should that slight of a drop/impact have shattered the glass, no way!

  89. It’s hard for me to determine if the issue involves all Razr phones with the gorilla glass or only the maxx. Can someone enlighten me before I decide to become a smart phone owner?

  90. My replacement Razr Maxx has been fine to date. Let’s hope it continues. Perhaps it was a bad batch or something like that.

  91. I have become yet another victim of a shattered Motorola Droid Maxx screen. The phone has seen two weeks of use. After a short ride on my motorcycle, I removed the phone from my pocket and discovered a broken screen with sharp glass edges protruding from the front. Touchscreen tap still works, but due to the sharp glass, swype is no longer an option. My original Moto Droid was dropped numerous times, even onto concrete, without any visible damage, and it always functioned perfectly. I am repairing the glass, selling the Maxx, and returning to my original Droid. Glad I kept it as a backup. This will be my last Motorola device because they will not stand behind their products. Bummer.

  92. RAZrrrr…Broken from the camera to the SD slot…. Seeing a pattern anyone? Don’t know how, it just MAGICALLY APPEARED!!!

  93. Lydia Monique says:

    i have a droid razr maxx and the screen completly blacked out on me i had it in my purse with an otter box case and the screen is blacked out and cracked i have nothing in my bag that could do such damage i tried to get the screen replaced since i have all my daughters photos in the phone and its going to cost me about 300 bucks which is insane!!!!

  94. Similar story here. After about a month my wife took her Maxx HD out of her pocket to send a text and discovered it to be cracked in two places on the outer glass. A month later I discovered a crack on the corner of my Maxx HD’s outer glass as well, after the phone had been sitting on the padded console of my Jeep. The outer glass is the supposedly tough Corning Gorilla Glass. I had a Droid X for more than two years with not so much as a single issue, and which made it through much tougher use than these Maxx HDs have ever seen. Needless to say, I am very disappointed. These are Motorola phones number 6 and 7 for us, and most definitely the last. If a suit ever comes to fruition, count me in.

  95. Same issure here, the glass itself is fine but the LCD screen (digitizer) as the verizon tech put it behind the glass is completly cracked and I now get the black screen. I had the phone off the charger for about 6 hours but had recently played a game on it before I put the phone in my pocket to pull it out broken just 5 minutes later.

    -I would be happy if motorola would just back up there product fix the issue and replace the bad batches or let me switch to a different phone.

  96. I had the same issue with my Razr Maxx. Took it out of my pocket, and it had spider cracks originating at the top middle of the glass. Not sure the phone had ever been dropped since I owned it. I had noticed that my phone often got extremely hot to the touch at times, with most of the heat being in that same area. That’s the only thing I can think of that could have caused the problem, though now I see this is more common than anyone wants you to believe. Of course the Verizon support staff pretty much insinuate I am lying and must have damaged it. Had to pay the $100 insurance deductible to get a replacement after the phone screen eventually stopped working.


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